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Alpharetta Ironkids Triathlon Course

Race Course

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019
Time: 7:15 AM
Where: Wills Park Pool
1815 Old Milton Pkwy. | Alpharetta, GA

Seniors (Ages 12 – 15) | Start 7:15 AM
Swim – 300 Yards | Bike – 8 Miles | Run – 2 Miles

Intermediates (Ages 9 – 11) | Start 8:45 AM
Swim – 150 Yards | Bike – 4 Miles | Run – 1 Mile

Juniors (Ages 5 – 8) | Start 10:00 AM
Swim – 50 Yards | Bike – 2 Miles | Run – 500 Yards



Swim | Starting Procedure

Pool Swim Start:

The swim is conducted in a time trial fashion. One child at a time in approximately 5-to-6-second intervals. Kids swim up one lane and, upon reaching the end of the lane, move over to the next lane and swim down. Similar to a ziz-zag or switch-back formation.

Swim Course & Water Safety:

Wetsuits are NOT allowed. We have a large team of Lifeguards and Water Safety Marshals that surround the pool.

Reminder to Athletes: The timing system will not record a starting time for an athlete until that athlete has entered the pool. Time spent waiting to start is NOT included in the scored finish time for a runner.


The bike course is on roads closed to motor traffic. We have IronKids staff, volunteers and signs directing participants. However, please make sure your child knows the division he or she is in, as we refer to the course based on division (Junior – 1 lap bike, Intermediate 2-lap bike, and Senior 4-lap bike). Large mile markers will be position on the bike course.


The run course is on paved walkways or paths. Please make sure your child knows what division he or she is in, as we refer to divisions to help direct participants along the course. Run course directional signs are color-coded: yellow for Junior, orange for Intermediate and light blue for Senior.

Course Map

Alpharetta IronKids Map VIEW | PRINT
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